IbnHayyan &  Mohdar Corporation is one of the largest leading importers and distributors of pharmaceuticals in the Republic of Yemen. Mohdar Corporation was originally established in Aden in 1952 by members of Al-Mohdar Family and it is now entirely owned by its main founder, Mr. Mohsen Abubaker Al-Mohdar, the Board Chairman. Mohdar Corporation has since its establishment been one of the top ten ranking importers among the importers and distributors of pharmaceuticals. In 2001, Mohdar Corporation ranked the sixth among the 270 importers of pharmaceuticals in Yemen with a market share of 5% of the overall total imports in Yemen in the same year. Mohdar Corporation is continuously keen to develop and expand its business activities by undertaking marketing studies and strategies to enhance its activities in its capacity as the largest and oldest pharmaceutical company in Yemen. The major business activity of Mohdar Corporation is import and distribution of pharmaceuticals and consumer goods. Mohdar Corporation has a separate division for import and distribution of medical appliances. It owns five pharmacies, two in the Capital Sanaa and three in the major cities, Aden, Taiz and Hodeidah.


New Entity

Mohdar Corporation is striving to develop methods and tactics of delivering drugs to as many points of sale as possible (pharmacies, drugs stores and hospitals) in the various cities and rural areas of Yemen with a view to attain confidence of doctors and patients by providing all kinds of drugs at all pharmacies and at all times easily and smoothly. This will lead to steady growth and increase of sales coupled with expansion and diversity of points of sale. Considering the fact “Ibn Hayyan Pharmacies” which is specialized in sale and distribution of drugs and medical appliances, owns a wide network of pharmacies selling drugs in most of the cities and rural areas which provide the best kinds of drugs and medical appliances of high quality manufactured by the largest and most reliable manufacturers and it has been able during the past years to achieve significant success and distinction in the services being provided in such a way that it has won the confidence of doctors and patients equally. Therefore, Mohdar Corporation in conjunction with Ibn Hayyan Pharmacies has established a significant trade entity specialized in drugs and medical appliances and merged together to form a new legal and commercial entity under the name of “Ibn Hayyan & Mohdar Co. for Pharmaceuticals & Medical Appliances Ltd.”. Consequently, it has obtained a licence from the competent authorities to run its business trade activities in wholesale and retail of drugs and medical appliances.  


Head Office and Branches

Ibn Hayyan &Mohdar Co.  has one of the largest and most modern trade buildings of pharmaceutical companies. The building is situated in the centre of  the pharmaceutical trade area in the core (heart) of the Capital, Sanaa. 

The premises (buildings) of the head office as well as the branches are owned by Ibn Hayyan &Mohdar Co. 

Ibn Hayyan &Mohdar Co.  has branches in the major cities of Yemen, Aden, Taiz,

Hodeidah and Mukalla. 

All the branches are equipped with modern offices and distribution vehicles.

Ibn Hayyan &Mohdar Co.  has large warehouses in Sanaa  and in the branches. All the warehouses are equipped with all facilities for storage of  pharmaceuticals including refrigerators and ventilation systems. 



In small cities in which there are no branches, Ibn Hayyan &Mohdar Co.  has appointed sub-agents to cover these areas including provinces such as Haggah, Ibb, Sa’adah, Shabwah, Al-Beidha, Seiyun, Emraan and Mareb. 


Human Resources: 

The human resources force consists of 70 staff in the various departments such as the Head Office,  the marketing department, the Sales Department, Regulatory Affairs and Technical Department and Branches, etc

The new entity is run by Mr. Mohsen Abubaker Al-Mohdar ( Chairman of the managers council) , Mr. Nabil Ali Saleh Al-Awdi ( General Managing Director ) & Mr. Osama Al-kebsi  (Deputy Managing Director  ).  In addition, there are 23 medical representatives reporting to six of our international principals.  


Marketing and Sales 

Ibn Hayyan &Mohdar Co.  has a highly qualified specialized team for marketing and sales  comprising the Marketing Manager,  the Sales Manager and 3 sales supervisors in addition to 12 salesmen. Each group of these personnel is  dealing in the line of one of the products of  one of our principals and concentrate on introducing and distributing of its products. 

Ibn Hayyan &Mohdar Co.  has a modern distribution system (vehicles) in each of its branches to transport the goods between the branches, market the products and deliver the products to the customers premises. 




Ibn Hayyan &Mohdar Co.  has a very wide experience in local tenders.

Ibn Hayyan &Mohdar Co.  does every effort possible to participate in most of the major public and private tenders including the tenders of the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Health, government hospitals and the Private Sector.  Ibn Hayyan &Mohdar Co.  wins several tenders annually. 



 Our Bankers are

Yemen for Development &Reconstruction BanK.

Thadmon International Islamic Bank.

Commercial Yemen Bank.

Yemen Bahrain Shamil Bank .

Arab Bank PLC .


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